Download 2016 CLEAT Application

Download NSAA Artist Membership Form

Yearly Fee: $35 / $15 for students (high school and college students)

NSAA artist membership is open to any artist. NSAA artist members include seasoned professionals, students and up-and-coming artists who are honing their craft. Every artist needs to provide images and an artist statement for promotional and publicity purposes.

NSAA Membership benefits include:

  1. Being featured on NSAA’s web site which includes:
    • Artist’s name, medium, and location
    • One photo
    • Link to the artist’s personal web site
  2. Calls to participate in NSAA member exhibitions
  3. Notification of other local artist opportunities (gallery call for works, special events, classes, etc.)
  4. Professional support from NSAA, which can include, but is not limited to:
    • Discounted web site design services
    • Promotional and marketing support for any special event (e.g. solo or group show; class or workshop offered by the artist, etc.)
    • Opportunities to network, professionally and socially, with other regional artists and patrons
  5. Use of NSAA graphics and signage
  6. Access to information on local arts activities
  7. Invitations to annual meeting and voting privileges

Additionally NSAA Artist Members are eligible for Jurying to participate in NSAA’s premium artist benefit, the annual Chautauqua-Lake Erie Art Trail  as openings permit.

Chautauqua-Lake Erie Art Trail– NSAA’s Premium Artist Benefit

Unfortunately we 2017 is a transition year to a new CLEAT director and we decided not to jury in new members. We hope to jury new members for the 2018 art trail with a  deadline for applications is November 1st, 2017

Yearly Fee: $165 in addition to the separate, yearly NSAA membership fee of $35. Fees are to be paid in two separate checks: one check covering the yearly NSAA membership fee and another check for the yearly CLEAT fee. Note: If you meet all aspects for CLEAT acceptance, your $165 check will be cashed. If you do not pass all aspects required for CLEAT; then your $165 check will be returned to you un-cashed.


Acceptance into CLEAT is dependant upon:

  1. Being an artist member of NSAA.
  2. Scoring of 35 or above rating on the Jurying criteria. Jurying is performed anonymously by a group of undisclosed, professional artists.
  3. An available opening on CLEAT. Maximum of 25 slots are available on a first come/first-qualified basis.
  4. Appropriate studio space suitable for the public. NSAA’s annual CLEAT is an open studio tour. Images of your studio must be provided with your application and meet CLEAT standards.

North Shore Arts Alliance: CLEAT Jurying Standards
5 — Outstanding in nearly every detail
4 — Minor defects
3 — Lacking finesse and/or interpretation
2 — Basic weaknesses
1 — Unsatisfactory

Judging Criteria Categories:

  • Originality
  • Consider: Exhibits creativity
  • Craftsmanship
  • Consider: Artist’s skill in the use of material
  • Elements of Art
  • Consider: Line, color, space, form, media, texture
  • Composition
  • Consider: Effective use of forms or abstract techniques
  • Unity and Variety
  • Consider: Balance of elements, repetition, visual rhythm
  • Medium and Texture
  • Consider: Appropriate use of materials and textures
  • Use of space
  • Consider: Perspective and mass
  • Presentation
  • Consider: Appearance, complimentary framing and/or mounting
  • Degree of Difficulty
  • Consider: Appropriate for artist’s maturity and ability
  • Studio space is adequate for an Open Studio Tour and is accessible for the public
  • If no Artist Statement included (-2 points)

Final ratings computation table:

  • Superior = 40-45 points
  • Excellent = 35-39 points
  • Good = 29-34 points
  • Fair = 23-28 points